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Chaley Sauce is authentic secret family recipe which combines the flavours Britain's favourite cod fish, olive oil, Ghanian spices and scotch bonnet peppers. The sauce derives from the Ghanaian chilli sauce "Shito" which has no prescibed recipe but mainly contains shrimps or dry fish, and is a favourite amongst Ghanaians and West Africans; as it complements most West African dishes.

Chaley Sauce has been blended in such a way that its beautiful infused flavours compliment every possible meal that you can think of. Try it on your meats, fish, chicken, chips, salads or any of your favourite meals, Chaley Sauce is guaranteed to be much loved amongst spicy food lovers and cuisine explorers. Its combination of delightfully seasoned fried cod, scotch bonnet peppers and spices will truly tantalise your culinary palette, making every day meals forever flavoursome.

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